Pastor Crissy Sanders at SFC
Tuesday September 14, 2010

crissy sanders

Pastor Crissy Sanders

Tuesday, September 14 
10:00 a.m. @ SFC


Crissy Sanders is a living testimony of the power of a forgiving and loving God who accepts us at our point of need. Crissy was miraculously healed of rheumatic fever which had her hospitalized for three consecutive weeks when she was in the third grade. The doctors said she would have to receive shots until the age of 16 years old and could have permanent heart, kidney and joint damage for the rest of her life. She received a miraculous healing from the Lord that same year and received a clean bill of health!

Crissy was a teenage alcoholic by the age of 14 years old and was heading down a path of destruction. She encountered difficulties in her childhood and had many generational curses that faced her at every turn. Even though Crissy was very involved in her high school in many extra-curricular activities she was also living a life of turmoil and deception. Because of many things that she experienced in her personal life, she was running from God and right into the arms of the enemy. She began dating her husband, Dennis, when she was fifteen years old and married him right out of high school. They have now been married for 20 years and have one son, Joshua Caleb, who is 18 yrs. old. After Crissy failed on her own, she had an encounter with God and fully surrendered all of the pain and heartache of her past to Jesus and from that moment on she became a woman on a mission!

Crissy has served beside her husband in the ministry for 18 years and they have served as Senior Pastors for 16 years. ( She is excited about Kingdom Work and is pursuing to see everyone in the Body of Christ enjoy a passionate encounter with God! Crissy has a burning desire to carry the Gospel to the nations.

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